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Hmmm... I wonder if Katie Holmes is happy she left Tom Cruise?

Dec. 13, 2012by: Cherry Liquor
Let's see. Big smile, genuine and wide. A sparkle in her eyes that seemed to have been on a "Missing" poster since the early 2000's. General comfortable stance and open body language? If this is what it looks to feel like after leaving Tom Cruise, I might just want to date/marry the guy myself so that I can dump his ass and gain a case of the happys. Katie Holmes took to Broadway to start acting on stage and within a few months' time she was looking healthier and happier after declaring her need for a divorce from Tom Cruise. At the Broadway Dreams Foundation gala in New York, she was glowing, beaming, all around a better version of herself than we've seen in years. I think Nicole Kidman's career took off after leaving Tom but she never looked full-out tickled with life again like Holmes does. I really look forward to seeing her rejoin the big screen dynamics that she hinted at heading towards before hooking up with the Scientologist. Good for you, Katie. Good for you.

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Extra Tidbit: Just looking at her smile makes me feel happy.
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