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Holy mother of God, it's Jennifer Nicole Lee in a bikini again

Jul. 31, 2012by: Salacious Crumb

I don't care what anyone says, fitness-guru Jennifer Nicole Lee is 100% porkable in my eyes. For an ex-chubster who lost over 70 pounds just a few years ago, I would take her up on a buzzed one-night-stand in no time. Not just because she deserves it, but yes, I do take into account how hard a woman works at her body to stay in shape. I can't be alone in the opinion that women who work up a sweat are a turn-on. She might go a little bit overboard with it at times, but I'm thinking that just means she could go back to her couch potato lifestyle, and she'd likely still look good in a couple years. At least she's not like the women you see on American Gladiators, with biceps the size of your head. They're intimidating AND disgusting. At least JNL is just intimidating. I could never date her, because she'd take the fun out of every meal, but if she came along on the beach, my eyes would most certainly be locked into that ass.

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3:25PM on 10/20/2013

Brings a tear to my eye

Jennifer Nicole Lee is such a beauty, and what a knockout body! Need more.
Jennifer Nicole Lee is such a beauty, and what a knockout body! Need more.
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9:54AM on 08/01/2012
a 10 no doubt
a 10 no doubt
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