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May. 5, 2008by: Cherry Liquor

There are not nearly enough women of "colour" on the hotties page. This is that vague way of saying that most of the women who are deemed hot by Hollywood (and those who fund it with their dollars) are that other vague description, "Caucasian," with either light, dark or red hair. Sometimes all three. But usually with very little ethnicity to them. So I'm going to start highlighting some of the women who aren't on the usual rosters whenever possible.

The first of which is Flora Martinez, an actress who was born in Canada and is a combination of Columbian and Canadian (what a mix). She's had smaller roles in English speaking movies like PROOF OF LIFE, I'M WITH LUCY and THE SECRET LIVES OF DENTISTS. But she's moving upward in the movie industry that's thriving in South America, with her biggest hit being ROSARIO TIJERAS. And not only that, the woman can sing. (I've included one of her music videos.)

Martinez has huge doe eyes and a mouth as luscious and full as any of the other mouthy actresses on the A list right now (Liv Tyler, Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson... just to name a few). I'd like to see her continue on to even bigger and better things. But enough about MY opinion. I'd like to hear yours... is Flora enough of a hottie to be included in our hallowed halls?

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