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I could talk all evening about how adorable Marion Cotillard is

Nov. 30, 2012by: Cherry Liquor
There's something about French women that is positively intoxicating. Most are going to be turned on by the accent when they speak something other than French (although I think French as a language is sexy and tend to visit cinemas to watch movies from France even if I can't speak the language because it ends up sounding like this beautiful score, only with voices) but I have to go with the fact that French women look good without trying as hard as most women from several other cultures. There's not a huge emphasis on plastic surgery, makeup, fancy clothing. While France might be known for its fashion, it's the understated type, the stuff that people say is "classic" that gets produced the most. Nothing outrageous for the sake of being so. When Marion Cotillard went out the other night for "TimesTalks Presents: An Evening with Marion Cotillard, Matt Damon and Gus van Sant," she was wearing little makeup, no ostentatious jewelry and seemed to be having a blast answering questions as she received a career recognition award from Gotham Independent Film Awards. I want to eat pie and drink wine with her and just listening to her speak.

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Drool Back
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9:46AM on 11/30/2012
Her milkshake brings all the boys Cotillard...
Her milkshake brings all the boys Cotillard...
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