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I feel like making love to Salma Hayek after spotting these cleavage-tastic pics

Oct. 23, 2013by: ResidentRiddle64

There's a movie coming out titled HOW TO MAKE LOVE LIKE AN ENGLISHMAN and it stars Salma Hayek. By the looks of it, I'm just gonna assume it's a romantic comedy, but I don't care. This is now going on the very top of my list of shit that I'm really looking forward to. As long as Salma shows off her boobs as much as she's showing them off here, I think I'll be able to enjoy the film no matter what. The cleavage of Salma has that power over me and if it got me through GROWN UPS 2, it can get me through anything. Anyway, if you love Hayek boobies and if you like the idea of her in a tight black dress looking directly at you, I would suggest looking at the pictures below. Enjoy, folks. 

Click on each photo to enlarge!

Extra Tidbit: Have you heard anything about this film/have any interest in seeing it?

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3:19PM on 10/23/2013
If only she was in good movies and not crappy Sandler productions.
If only she was in good movies and not crappy Sandler productions.
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