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I heart Maria Menounos (especially when she's wearing a tight leather dress)

Dec. 9, 2013by: ResidentRiddle64

Loving Maria Menounos is just in my blood. I'm not sure when it specifically happened (I could have been born with it for all I know), but when it did, it knocked me on my butt like a Home Run Baseball Bat from Super Smash Bros. The warm fuzzies I feel when looking at pictures of this woman pretty much go unmatched and whenever one of my friends throws a brick at me and tells me that I'm creepy and to stop looking at pictures of that one chick, I feel cold pricklies. It may be December and it may be cold outside, but after seeing these pics, all I can do is feel warm and tingly. Here, we can see the lovely television personality at the KIIS FM Jingle Ball in a very form-fitting leather dress looking absolutely delicious It's too bad that we weren't given a 360 degree view of this beauty allowing us to see that legendary booty of hers, but I suppose this will meet my standards for now. Take a look at the hotness on display below and enjoy. 

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7:54PM on 12/09/2013
I can never tire of her.
I can never tire of her.
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5:55AM on 12/10/2013
Gotta agree with you
Gotta agree with you
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