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I Like Da Yaya

Jul. 2, 2010by: Cherry Liquor
I had to look this chick up to know who she was and apparently she's a vet from that Tyra Banks modeling show, "America's Top Model." Yaya DaCosta is her name and she's got a role in the recently released film, THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT, which I mainly understood to be about Julianne Moore and Annette Bening being lesbians who raise a family together and I kinda tuned out because it sounded too much like something that my mom would rave about and I just don't like the weird onslaught of Boomer movies. I have time to age and like them later in life, I don't need to think about them right now. But this Yaya chick is damn hot, so I suppose it makes sense that she's a model. I have never watched that show, so I don't know what she was like on it (and how much reality is in reality shows anyhow?) or if she can act. I just love me some decadent chocolate, you hear what I'm saying?

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Source: I'm Not Jaded

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