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I love to watch Olga Kurlenko walk away

Dec. 10, 2012by: Droz

Olga Kurylenko is great from any angle, but I do like the sight of her rear end in these candids from some beach. That little faint tan line is especially nice. You don't get too many tan lines anymore. I guess all the hotties are laying out naked or visiting the tanning bars for that uninterrupted, seared flesh look. Maybe it's all those old Playboys I was brought up on, but there's something alluring about the tan line. Kinda like god's own highlighter pen, emphasizing all the best parts of the female body. So nice to see they haven't completely disappeared.

You guys catch that OBLIVION trailer? Pretty cool, huh? Cruise and Kurylenko together? I'm down. Tom is bat shit, but he does make a fine movie. Olga is my current favorite eye candy who can also act. It's also nice to see some legitimate sci-fi coming out. Let's hope OBLIVION starts a new trend. I think this current comic book fixation is starting to peak. Time for another sci-fi rebirth like they had in the 80s. None of that remake shit though. Give us some fresh, new stories about space aliens and time machines. That's the stuff that gets me to the cineplex.

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Drool Back
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2:03AM on 12/12/2012
I couldn't agree more about the ever disappearing tan line
I couldn't agree more about the ever disappearing tan line
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