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I think Rihanna wants you to see a little something

Jan. 30, 2012by: Cherry Liquor
Rihanna has been enjoying herself in bikinis with tightly rolled spliffs while on vacation in Hawaii over these past couple of weeks and now she's stepping out for dinner with a satisfied smile on her face and a clearly forgotten bra. I don't like this chick's music and have huge doubts about what she's going to be like to watch in movies, like BATTLESHIP, but out of all the pop singers who prance around these days, she looks to be the most pleased with her lot in life. She's young, rich and famous. She can take extravagant holidays in exotic places and get away with smoking an illegal substance in full view of anyone who wants to watch without suffering any consequences from the law. Gotta dig that. Just gotta.

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Source: Hollywood Tuna
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11:59AM on 01/30/2012
Sun Spot baby, I sure had a real good time...
Sun Spot baby, I sure had a real good time...
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