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Katy Perry shakes her film reels at her Part Of Me premiere

Jun. 27, 2012by: Salacious Crumb

It looks like our beloved Katy Perry has made another innuendo-dress comeback. Having been around lately wearing more common (yet not common at all) fashionable outfits that at least could be considered family friendly, she finally comes back with this sexy little number to tickle our fancies. At her big PART OF ME movie premiere, Katy put on a little show which started with her coming out of an exploding box of popcorn in a dress inspired by movie theater concession stands. I'd like to grab a handful for that popcorn. She later ripped off the dress part to reveal her candy-covered bottoms. This makes me wish it were Halloween again. I don't know what other pop star could pull off (literally) such an outfit without getting strange or concerned looks in their direction. Lady Gaga? No, probably not even her/it. Whatever the case, it's nice to see Katy making a spectacle of her boobies again. I'd like to get a sneak preview of those (okay, I'll stop). One thing I sure am relieved by is there are no 8-year-old girls with cupcakes on their shirt in this slew of photos. Now, that was just creepy.

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Extra Tidbit: I could sure go for Sour Patch Watermelon right about now, could you?
Source: Hollywood Tuna
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3:35PM on 06/27/2012
Looks dumb.
Looks dumb.
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