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I wish I could afford to have Dania Ramirez's cleavage as my maid

Jun. 18, 2014by: Cherry Liquor
There's a few things that I admire about Dania Ramirez, although her spotty career record isn't one of them. Actually, I was thinking more along the lines of the fact that she just had twin babies back in December and looks outstanding. Um, her boobs are nice. I'm totally not sure what else I was thinking about when I began this. I like how Ramirez looks and while I know a lot of maids (hey, I live in an area densely populated with Hispanic/Latino people and while I would love to scream about how the show "Devious Maids" is bullshitting by casting that demo, they're kinda right about H/L cornering the maid market) none of them look as good as any of the chicks cast on this show. Not that I've watched the program (it's on Lifetime, you really think I need to explain why I don't watch the show?) or know if they've thrown in any character actresses for more authenticity. One other thing - is it me or is Roselyn Sanchez's face looking like it's being pinned back behind her head with industrial strength clothespins? It's like something out out BEETLEJUICE.

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Drool Back
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4:52AM on 06/18/2014
She was terrific fun in Premium Rush!
She was terrific fun in Premium Rush!
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