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I'd like to touch down on Maria Menounos. Heh, heh. Please, God, let me.

Nov. 20, 2013by: ResidentRiddle64

I remember the days of VH1 Top 20 Countdowns every Saturday morning and asking my dad, "Who be da pretty lady?!" Then he'd slap me in the face and say, "I TOLD your mother to get an abortion. Shut up!" I never did find out from him, but now, I'm glad to see Maria Menounos still doing well for herself. About 10 years or so later, Maria has a pretty cool job. The girl gets to mingle with every big star and you have to know that the girl's personality must be through the roof (it'd have to be if they're gonna film her chatting with people on television, ya know?). It looks like the latest dude she interviewed was…some man that plays football. I don't know.. Football was never something I associated myself with, cause I'm not really a man, but this guy's signing a football for her, so he must be important. Or maybe that's his phone number and he's just trying to pick her up. What a f*cking loser. Anyway, Maria, her smile and her booty look wonderful. Take a look! 

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4:57PM on 11/20/2013
What a hottie
What a hottie
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