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I'd love to suck on Olga Kurylenko for awhile

Feb. 6, 2014by: Droz

Olga Kurylenko was at the premiere of VAMIRE ACADEMY the other night, which sounds like a pretty shitty academy. Who needs to be taught how to be a vampire? You have a vicious blood lust, you jump on people and suck them dry, you stay out of the sun, you repeat that forever. Seems like it would come fairly naturally. Speaking of naturally coming, how hot is Olga? I was watching that movie OBLIVION the other night on cable (underrated movie, actually) which Olga stars in. I couldn't help but admire how gorgeous a woman she is. She's almost distracting in that regard. There I am, enjoying Tom Cruise riding future motorcycles around the ruins of America, fixing killer robots and shit in the midst of half buried nuclear submarines and famous landmarks. And then Olga shows up and suddenly I can't follow anything else that happens.

I think that might be why I didn't think much of this movie when it first came out. Olga was just too hot. Instead of getting interested in Tome Cruise saving the world, I'm caught up in fantasies of being alone with Olga in a remote cabin in the woods, listening to Procol Harum as we quietly hump in the fresh, mountain air. Now I have no idea how that movie ended. Did Tom fight the guy from Game of Thrones and save Earth for democracy? I don't know. I'm pretty sure that Olga's really fun in the sack though.

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10:30PM on 02/06/2014
Kurylenko as headmistress of a vampire school? Perfect casting!
Kurylenko as headmistress of a vampire school? Perfect casting!
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7:31PM on 02/08/2014
I agree, she is perfect for the role.
I agree, she is perfect for the role.
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