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If Emily Ratajkowski isn't getting all over your face, she doesn't belong at your place

Jan. 30, 2013by: Droz

Isn't that how that slogan goes? Well it should be, particularly when discussing the delights of model Emily Ratajkowski, captured here in a fitting for her latest sexified Carl's Jr. commercial. Of course, that's Hardee's to all of you living east of the Rocky Mountains. It's also nonsense to folks living outside the US. For those of you clueless, these are the dual names of burger joints who contribute considerably to that whole fat American phenomenon I'm sure you've heard about. They specialize in greasy, sloppy, nasty, heart valve-clogging burgers that are also infuriatingly tasty. As are the models they choose for their advertising campaigns - campaigns that often consist of gorgeous models shoving said nasty burgers into their faces while undulating in slo-mo. The irony is that most of them have probably never eaten anything like that in their lives and most likely fasted for a week just from being in proximity to these slop burgers. The one exception being Kate Upton, who I get the impression is a regular customer at this place. Thus the reason for her fluctuating weight. She can't get enough of those Famous Stars.


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Extra Tidbit: "That is a tasty burger."
Source: NSFW

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2:54AM on 02/01/2013

This girl

seems to be allergic to clothing... and that's a good thing!
seems to be allergic to clothing... and that's a good thing!
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10:09PM on 01/30/2013
She's hot
She's hot
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