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Maria Menounos gives advice in Mens Health Magazine, wearing bikinis, of course

Nov. 20, 2012by: Cherry Liquor
Curious as to what you need to do to land a woman like Maria Menounos? Hell, want to land Maria Menounos herself? The TV star is giving advice on how to make yourself a hot find for the perfect woman in the December issue of Mens Health magazine. This is probably the part I love the most: "If you're single and looking for a life partner, have passion for your work and your hobbies - it's a huge turn-on." Yeah, right. That's if you're a famous athlete like Maria seems to gravitate towards. I highly doubt she's going to get moist for the dude who stayed up 72 consecutive hours playing Call of Duty 2: Black Ops (I most likely did not get the title correct, but eh...), downing Mountain Dew Code Red and scarfing on Doritos. I'm fairly certain she'd go running away from the vile stench radiating off your body in visible gaseous waves. And while I don't think that a woman as hot as Maria would go for just anyone, like the boyfriend she claims she loved who lived in his van and worked as a carnie, I do agree with her when she says, "No matter what you do for work, where you live, how you dress, or what you drive, own who you are." I would gladly take a dude who knows he's a dork, says he's a dork and is welcoming of me dorking out with him. That much I really do believe in.

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11:44AM on 11/20/2012
She is gorgeous.
She is gorgeous.
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