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I'm going to keep at this Stacy Keibler thing until she grows on me

Dec. 6, 2011by: Cherry Liquor
I'm not as stubborn as many people in my life have accused me (and still accuse me) of being. I'm willing to take a shot on the underdog. I keep my mind open to the fact that many of these stars are young and thrust into a spotlight that they're entirely unprepared for, thus ripe for mistakes to be made. So while I might not understand the appeal that Stacy Keibler has over many of you male folk, as long as she continues to promote herself as George Clooney's new girlfriend, I'll give her a chance. From what I've heard, she already has a step up on her previous installments: People are talking about how when at events with George, Stacy goes off on her own and chats with various people instead of sticking by the star's side the entire night like his previous pieces did. So score a point in her favor on my scoreboard.

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Source: Hollywood Tuna

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4:38AM on 02/27/2012

Good combo

Low cut, showing her legs, & no George.
Low cut, showing her legs, & no George.
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7:52AM on 12/06/2011
she has never had the problem of making me "grow" my pants
she has never had the problem of making me "grow" my pants
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