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I'm zoomin' in on Bar Refaeli

Nov. 14, 2011by: Droz

These pics of Bar Refaeli just seem to get better the closer you get. Bar showed up the other night at some ball event looking her usual gorgeous self in a dress that shapes her impressive body perfectly. Bar is one of my favorites in the super model world and for good reason. She exists without a single cell of body fat out of place, yet still manages to exhibit some killer curves. That's rare among women of her ilk. Much of the time when women slim down to do the whole modeling bit they either look emaciated or boyish, or both. That's just the nature of that activity. When a women quits eating and decides to live on popcorn and cigarettes, she removes everything that makes her look like a woman, leaving behind little more than skin and bones. I don't know what Bar is doing to defy that fate, but it's working beautifully.

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Source: Superior Pics
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