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Inception Trailer Caps

May. 10, 2010by: Seth Gecko

Words cannot express how f#cking excited I am to see INCEPTION as I'm convinced this will be the holy grail of action thrillers. Finally a summer movie is releasing that will challenge the audience to think and expand their horizons but be thrilling and fun at the same time. Director Chis Nolan has blazed a path of film-making for future generations to follow and he's only getting better with each new rendition of his skills. The film itself looks like it will break down borders never before crossed and that is how you lead the way. July can't possibly get here fast enough.

With the official online release of the brand-new trailer for the film, I've decided to work my screencapping skills again and grab some beautiful shots of the two leading ladies, Ellen Page and Marion Cotillard and post them here for everyone to enjoy. These are two incredibly beautiful and talented ladies who are finally getting the big roles they deserve and I can't wait to see the part they play in this epic storyline. So enjoy the caps and check out the new trailer by clicking here.

Click on each photo to enlarge!

Extra Tidbit: Neither Marion Cotillard or Ellen Page made it onto the "Maxim Hot 100" list...unacceptable.
Source: Yahoo! Movies!


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