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Instyle was dreaming of a white Jennifer Lawrence

2 years agoby: Droz

It's funny how we've fallen into this seasonal rotation with Jennifer Lawrence. Seems to be around this time of year when magazine spreads and movies starring Jen start to ramp up. That lasts until around February, after which we essentially hear little to nothing of her. Then some time around Halloween she awakens from her long media hibernation and is instantly everywhere. She's like the Christmas decorations at the retail stores. Once Halloween ends, all the big magazines and the Oscar voters dust off their J-Law pictures and golden statue noms for prime placement on their cover pages and front row seating at their award shows. Good to see Jen awakened again, though I feel her pain as far as THE HUNGER GAMES movies go. They're not really my thing either. Jen must have mixed feelings about the last movie in the series getting the TWILIGHT treatment and being split into two movies. That means a 4th year of being saturated in HUNGER GAMES promotion efforts. It's an obvious cash grab manipulation on the part of the studios, though one which should grant her the ancillary benefit of a extra payday opportunity. Still sucks for the Katniss fans who have to shell out an additional $20 to see how it ends. Good thing I'm not one of those people.

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Drool Back
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8:43PM on 11/11/2013
Girl's looking fierce! Love how she's been styled for this shoot.
Girl's looking fierce! Love how she's been styled for this shoot.
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