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Irina Shayk brings the epic side boob action

Jul. 18, 2013by: Droz

Irina Shayk was down in Ibiza yesterday, showing off some healthy side boob while shooting a spread for some clothes that look like they're intended as a kind of slutty office casual. Interesting idea.

What is it about the side boob that fascinates us so? I know it wasn't some Family Guy sketch driving our collective interest in partially shielded tatas seen from the side. Seth MacFarlane might have given a name to the phenomenon, but I'm pretty sure the fascination with getting a peek at cleavage from that angle goes much deeper. Personally, I think it's like most things boob related in that it comes from childhood. I'm sure most of us titty fans have at least one moment from our youth when we first caught a glimpse of a nice set of hooters in an impromptu situation. Maybe when your hot math teacher bent over to help you in class while wearing an especially loose top. Maybe when getting your hair cut by the hot young hair dresser who kept shoving her tits in your face as she attempted to contend with your troublesome cowlick. Me, I've got a dozen memories like that. Funny how so many women seemed okay with making their tits available for my inspection and appreciation when I was a kid. Where the hell are those women now when I can really make use of them? Life just isn't fair.

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Source: Egotastic


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12:04PM on 07/19/2013
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9:18AM on 07/19/2013
I love boobs.
I love boobs.
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