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Irina Shayk gives alcoholism a positive spin

Sep. 20, 2010by: Lester Diamond
Fresh off her appearance in the latest Kanye West video POWER, Sports Illustrated model Irina Shayk made an appearance to help promote Grey Goose Vodka. While Grey Goose as a brand is synonymous with vodka these days (thank you rap music), it definitely will not hurt them to use the lovely Irina as a spokesperson for the drink. Most men drink tons of vodka to make women appear half as good as she does, so seeing someone as beautiful as her with a martini in hand is the right step towards depleting the male population of their drinking money. Shilling vodka should be a walk in the park for the Russian born Irina, as I believe it’s stocked next to the bubblegum in most Russian stores. The real questions is, does “last call” ever happen at one of these events? If so, the “vodka goggles” must be excellent if women like this are walking all over the place.

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Source: Hollywood Tuna
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2:05PM on 09/20/2010

That mouth

Oh my!
Oh my!
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