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Irina Shayk gives new meaning to "tall drink of water"

Dec. 9, 2010by: Lester Diamond
Yowza! Yes, looking at Irina Shayk in a short red dress has inspired me to use out of date lingo. They say red is a power color, and that clearly applies when a Russian supermodel decides to make that color it's bitch. I can't think of Irina having any problems the night she stepped out looking like this (besides choosing which Billionaire got to take her out on a yacht the following evening), as I've known Men who'd sacrifice their own children just to have a date with that chick who was "hot" for 2 years in high school. Sure she might have 4 kids, a beer belly, and live with her Mom (as in sleep on her couch), but dammit.....she was hot for a few years right? I guess wish fulfillment is a stronger need than most can comprehend. However, if Irina became a possible reality in your day to day life, your children would no doubt starve in her wake.

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Source: Hollywood Tuna
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5:23PM on 12/09/2010
What amazing legs and everything else.
What amazing legs and everything else.
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