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Irina Shayk is literally so beautiful she got an award for it

Mar. 17, 2014by: ResidentRiddle64

There's no question in my mind that Irina Shayk is a gorgeous gal, but the fact that she got a legitimate gorgeous award just put her on a whole 'nother level. Now, she's like a hole in the wall restaurant that was featured on the Food Network. The attention and love she'll get after this is gonna be crazy. Does that make any sense? I hope it does Anyway, Irina was at the Gala Spa Awards (an award show that I never knew existed, but, I digress) where she won this little puppy known as the Beauty Award. Shoot. The award even kind of resembles her, doesn't it? God forbid somebody chops off her arms and dips her in paint all GOLDFINGER style, that curvy little statue would be a total doppleganger. Irina's dress and overall look that night didn't disappoint, either. I suppose if one is a contender for a Beauty Award, you need to look damn good at the ceremony just to show people they made the right choice and didn't totally f*ck up. Well, her lovely eyes, luscious lips and mega cleavage certainly saw to that. Sigh. Congratulations, Irina. You deserve it.

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Extra Tidbit: What other award title would you bestow onto Irina?
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9:32PM on 03/17/2014
Love that teardrop cleavage window.
Love that teardrop cleavage window.
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