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Irina Shayk wears black lace, offers to make out with your face

Aug. 16, 2012by: Cherry Liquor
The Samsung Gallery Note is getting launched, so in case those horrific "Rob" commercials they were airing before every summer movie at the box office sufficiently annoyed the piss out of you like they did me, the company brought in sexy Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Irina Shayk to help distract you from your irritation. I have noticed a trend where certain models and other celebs take to using the same pose over and over again, probably at the prompting of their handlers who insist this is the only way that they look good when getting photographed on the red carpet. This kissy face thing that Irina does is cute and all but I'd like to see more of her turning around. Or not smiling so big. Sometimes her smile is so wide, I get frightened worse than when I hear they're rebooting another one of my childhood shows/toys/breakfast cereals.

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Source: SocialiteLife
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