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Is it Easter already? I guess it's time for Micaela Shaefer to slutify another holiday

Mar. 26, 2013by: Droz

Yep, it's that time of year again when German model Micaela Shaefer breaks out the body paint and sexes up another holiday season, not to mention beloved symbols of German national pride, with her big, fake tits. Hey, you gotta give her credit for being so creative with her various themed outfits. Looks like she makes it herself. Not too many attention whores go to such lengths. When was the last time you saw a Kardashian naked in front of Mount Rushmore with fluffy rodents? That's right, you never saw that. Speaking of seeing things, what really fascinates me is how little interest her naked ass generates in the crowds of people coming to see the sights. If this shit happened in an approximate location in the US, say like Times Square, there would be a huge crowd of people behind her, all ogling her like wolves to a tasty deer. Cut to Deutschland and only one guy bothers to notice. Is that because Germans are so repressed that they chose not to acknowledge such things? Or are naked models in public just a dime-a-dozen over there?

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Source: HollywoodTuna


Drool Back
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12:20AM on 03/27/2013
She does have a very nice ass.
She does have a very nice ass.
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