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Isabel Lucas gets wet for Christian Bale on the set of Knight Of Cups

Jul. 6, 2012by: Salacious Crumb

How did Christian Bale go from being THE DARK KNIGHT to THE KNIGHT OF CUPS? I'm sorry, that just sounds a lot less intimidating. What is a knight of cups? It sounds like something I drunkenly declare myself as at a beer pong tournament before falling into the pool. There's no other sypnosis to go by than "a man seeks love and truth" (gee, thanks, imdb). The cast looks to be creating very real, heartwarming moments as the crew runs around like sheep solicitously trying to avoid Bale's eye-line. I must say, though I enjoyed Terrence Malick's THE TREE OF LIFE, I was never super amped to re-watch it. Maybe Isabel Lucas galloping along the beach will call for repeat viewings of CUPS. The way she flourishes her hair and lifts her wet dress to reveal her anklet-sporting skinny legs is certainly delightful enough to assume such a possibility. I haven't seen very women doing that at the beach (wetting their skirt, that is). It looks a little uncomfortable, and it's definitely going to track sand, right? Right? I need to get laid.

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3:39AM on 07/07/2012
Take. The. Sweater. Off.
Take. The. Sweater. Off.
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