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Seems like years since Brooklyn Decker got into a bikini

Dec. 17, 2013by: Droz

In fact, it seems like years since we had cause to mention Brooklyn Decker at all around here. I guess she's just been content to hang around and watch her hubby play tennis all day. Good thing that someone managed to get her back to a beach in a bikini, because with that body it's clearly the ideal situation for her to be in. I'm no rich, world class tennis player like Andy Roddick, so I have precious little experience at having something as fine as Brooklyn at my fingertips whenever the mood arises. It must be pretty nice though. Don't get me wrong, I'm pretty hot for my girlfriend and thus content to jump her most any time she'll let me. That being said, I have to think that having all to yourself a creature as globally lusted after as Brooklyn must infuse something extra into the sex. There has to be a massive spike of testosterone when sexy time commences with such a women as you realize at each moment of blessed penetration that you are accomplishing something the rest of the world can only dream of doing. Definitely the mother of all ego boosts right there.

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Extra Tidbit: As I was writing this, the song "One In A Million Girls" by The Tubes come on. Don't you just love those fun little coincidences when they happen?
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Drool Back
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11:37AM on 12/18/2013
Love her.
Love her.
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11:11PM on 12/17/2013

Missed her

Hottie with a nice rack and cute face
Hottie with a nice rack and cute face
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