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It'd be hotter if Olivia Wilde was the topless one on this beach excursion

Aug. 24, 2012by: Cherry Liquor
I understand that these two are currently smitten with each other and I can totally understand the draw of a funny guy. The problem is that I don't consider Jason Sudeikis to be all that funny. Seth Myers, I understand. Chris Parnell would be the best alternative for Sudeikis, considering that Parnell is similar in appearance to Jason but a thousand, billion times more talented and funny. Bill Hader does it for me something fierce. Hell, I'd even support the boning of Will Forte. But this is Olivia Wilde we're talking about. She's not just beautiful, she's talented. She's intelligent and strong-willed, tearing down people who attempt to make up rumours about her and Justin Timberlake by Tweeting that the Honeybadgers need to chill. This woman deserves a great guy. A really, really, great guy. And any dude who's stuck his penis in January Jones does not qualify for that honor.

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3:40PM on 08/24/2012

Beautiful face...

and a 'normal'' body...i'd hit it anyway.
and a 'normal'' body...i'd hit it anyway.
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