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It's Brooklyn Decker in her underwear. Don't everyone click at once

Nov. 16, 2011by: Droz

Or go ahead and click on it in unison. We can handle the traffic.

So yeah, everyone's favorite buxom supermodel named after a major metropolitan borough has got herself a nice little photo shoot for the La Senza undergarment company. Never really heard of them, but it's refreshing to see a hottie like Brooklyn sport something other than Victoria's Secret or any of the other lot of overexposed clothiers vying with you and each other for the privilege of wrapping themselves around your girlfriend's ass. Not that I'd know the difference between any of them. All I know is that many a girlfriend's asses are being compared to Brooklyn's right now. After all, asses like hers are the standard by which other asses are judged. Unfortunately, those judgements are bound to be pretty harsh, since bodies don't come much better than Brooklyn's.

Click on each photo to enlarge!

Extra Tidbit: Fellas, you still gotta appreciate those ladies, even if they can't wear a pair of panties like Brooklyn can. Remember, they were kind enough to settle for your dumb ass.

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Drool Back
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7:09PM on 11/18/2011
Tidbit: That is pretty decent. Well done.
Tidbit: That is pretty decent. Well done.
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11:57AM on 11/17/2011
God bless you, Droz.
God bless you, Droz.
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