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It's impossible to abstain from Jessica Chastain at Cannes

May. 20, 2014by: Cherry Liquor
I guess they're hoping that THE DISAPPEARANCE OF ELEANOR RIGBY is going to be a huge thing, seeing as how 3 different versions (installments? sequels?) have been filmed. Director and writer Ned Benson is angling to tell the tale of a couple coming together from her perspective, his perspective and a "them" perspective. The film originally debuted at the Toronto Film Festival in a 191-minute long version and has since been chopped up and parceled out, hoping to either become clearer or bank on the appeal of its stars, James McAvoy and the lovely Jessica Chastain. The gorgeous redhead sparkled at all of her appearances, from the photocall to the premiere, wearing different outfits that equally highlighted how fit she is. She cozied up to McAvoy, causing me to wonder just how close the two actors got during filming. Although she was just as friendly with her female co-star, Jess Weixler, whom most of you will probably remember from the awesome cringe-inducing horror flick, TEETH.

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6:28AM on 05/20/2014
Love her hairstyle and colour and yes, we need to see Weixler in more stuff.
Love her hairstyle and colour and yes, we need to see Weixler in more stuff.
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