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It's Mandy Moore's turn to get attacked while looking hot pumping gas

Nov. 7, 2013by: ResidentRiddle64

I love to see when a plan comes together. After selling Mandy Moore a car a few weeks ago, I calculated exactly when she would run out and stop at a gas station. How I knew exactly what gas station she was going to go to and at what time, I can't tell. I can't be spilling out ALL my secrets. Anyway, I paid a homeless man five bucks to wait and take pictures of her with my camera and damn, has he done well. He'll be with the TMZers in no time. Okay, so maybe none of that happened and maybe I feel a little bad whenever I put these pictures up. I love Mandy as I've expressed over and over again and the thought that I could have pumped gas for her without any invasive pics being taken while she just hung out in the car makes me feel the slightest bit responsible. Then again, I've never even met her, so how the hell would I be able to do that anyway? Curses. Foiled, again. Anyway, take a look and enjoy the voyeuristic hotness.

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9:00PM on 11/07/2013
She's lovely but come on, leave these people alone.
She's lovely but come on, leave these people alone.
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