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It's Too Easy

May. 10, 2008by: Cherry Liquor

I don't really think that there's anything I can add to this story that isn't described in the 1,000 words that the pictures reveal. Lindsay Lohan came out with her own line of leggings recently and after everything that girl's been through, after all of her drama, after all of her requests and complaints and whining about people being nice to her...

.... the leggings include KNEE PADS. Not every pair, mind you. But you'd think that if she was really concerned about the public's image of her, she might've thought longer and harder about the decision to lend her name to a fashion accessory that accentuates the concept of being on one's knees.

I mean, I know gardeners like some extra support when they're out hoing in their zinnias, but still.

Click on each photo to enlarge!

Extra Tidbit: No, the stockings pictured to the right are not from her fashion line. See the attached pictures and take a look at the model to the left of Linds.
Source: DListed

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