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Jamie Chung looks like a delicious orange blosson at the Audrey magazine party

Sep. 17, 2012by: Cherry Liquor
She might have had to put on a thick accent for her role in PREMIUM RUSH, but most of us are aware by now that Jamie Chung is a California girl who could quite possibly vie for the cutest one in the entire state. Hell, I want to propose that. I want the ballots in November to not only include which President people want to vote for (and all those other stepping stone political positions like congressmen/women, senators, etc) but each state should have the opportunity to vote for who their hottest home state is. Shit, we can get billions of votes for those reality competition shows but that's because it doesn't scare off those who aren't looking for political confrontation. So I say let's add some simple bullshit like hottest chick and hottest dude. Remind people that voting is just as important as it was back in high school. And that shit hasn't changed since then. The popular kids are the only ones on the ballot. Go determine better winners. That's worth getting off your ass for, isn't it?

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4:07AM on 09/18/2012

Too much clothing

Needs more skin showing.
Needs more skin showing.
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