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January Jones Gets Off Safely at LAX

Jul. 12, 2010by: Cherry Liquor
After her weird car accident which resulted in her getting caught in her red carpet dress from the night before the morning after like a drunken woman doing the walk of shame into a cab (and somehow Food Network's Bobby Flay was involved, but I was too bored to follow up with just how much he had to do with the whole thing) it looks like cutie star of "Mad Men," January Jones, decided to play it safer and take a plane to wherever she was headed to over the weekend. Granted, she's still one of those people walking and playing with her cell phone, the next thing that I believe needs to have a law making it fine-worthy (hell, they ticket us for everything here in Cali, why not an annoying one?), but at least she's not sitting on the pilot's lap and trying to steer or anything.

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Source: Zimbio

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Drool Back
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2:25PM on 07/12/2010

she has got some tall ass legs

almost too long for me
almost too long for me
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