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JenAni is Smart

Jun. 9, 2008by: Cherry Liquor

Here are a couple of the recent print ads that Jennifer Aniston has been in for Glaceau's Smart Water. I don't know if you've seen this brand of water before, but they do have it down at the local "We think we're so f*ckin' cool because we sell vegan food and charge 4 times what you can get the same shit for elsewhere just because we slapped an 'organic' sticker on it" merchant where I buy my imported cheese. (Hey, I love cheese, so sue me.)

Anyhow... the bottle creeps me out because there's this little goldfish printed on the inside of the label and you can see it when you're drinking water out of the bottle. I keep thinking I'm going to swallow down Nemo like that twisted scene from A FISH CALLED WANDA. Damn, can you believe that Kevin Kline won an Oscar for that role? Heh... I'm meandering.

Perhaps you can help me out on this one too... is it just me, or does JenAni look a little Nazi-ish in the picture below? I'm sure they were going for a singing in the rain theme, but she just looks like she's out to kick Angie's ass, what with that giant grin on her face.

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Source: Superior Pics


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