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Jenna Dewan squeezed herself into this tight dress

Mar. 18, 2014by: ResidentRiddle64

You know, maybe being a paparazzo wouldn't be all that bad. Yeah, people basically find you to basically be an abominable human being, but look at how close these fools are to the beautiful, the lovely Jenna Dewan and here I am on the other side of the computer possibly being viewed as an abominable human being and all I have is this image on my computer. Sad days. In any case, this little dress Jenna's managed to squeeze herself into, is sexy as all hell. It looks to have a super cool Native American design to it and the ridiculous curves going on behind that thin piece of material has me crying right now. I don't think I was supposed to voice those feelings so easily, but I'm feeling a little sensitive and vulnerable right now, sothere it is. I regret nothing. Anyway, I'm just going to slowly look at these pictures on my computer for a few hours and envy those dudes with cameras for getting to be so close to this beauty. The bastards

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9:07PM on 03/18/2014
When it comes to hottie bewbs, Jenna Dewan's pair are underrated.
When it comes to hottie bewbs, Jenna Dewan's pair are underrated.
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