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Jennie Garth takes her bikini body on vacation before her 41st bday tomorrow

2 years agoby: Cherry Liquor
Didja know that before she was cast as Kelly Taylor, the "bitchy blonde" on the original "Beverly Hills: 90210," Jennie Garth was originally going to be cast as a different Kelly TV icon of the 1990's? That's right, producers of "Saved by the Bell," had Garth on their short list before ultimately deciding to cast Tiffani Thiessen for the role of Kelly Kapowski instead, which ended up a round robin when Thiessen later joined the cast of Garth's show in 1994 as Valerie Malone. I didn't even realize that Garth had a very brief marriage to some dude other than the patriarchal vampire from TWILIGHT, Peter Facinelli, with whom she is currently separated (the two are not yet legally divorced) and has 3 daughters with. Since appearing on "Dancing with the Stars," Garth has gained more notice for being a bona fide MILF, getting taut into those bikinis again and showing off that body while on vacation in Puerto Vallarta just days before she was due to turn 41-years old (April 3rd, tomorrow, is her birthday). Looking good, Kelly. I mean Jennie. Think perhaps you could have a talk with your little sister from "What I Like About You," little Miss Amanda Bynes? She could use your guidance. Or are you in on the joke as well?

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