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Jennifer Aniston naughty HD caps from the HORRIBLE BOSSES trailer

May. 12, 2011by: Seth Gecko
Seriously...what more is there to say about the new trailer for HORRIBLE BOSSES? It looks hilarious, Colin Farrell just might steal the whole thing and Jennifer Aniston pushes the limitations of a "green-band" trailer to their absolute limits. From what I've heard from early screenings of the film, we see Jennifer do things you couldn't possibly imagine her doing and that her performance is on-par with Tom Cruise' Les Grossman in TROPIC THUNDER. Now I'm taking those comments with a microscopic grain of salt because we're talking about Jennifer "Rachel Green" Aniston here and she doesn't have a track record for going above and beyond the call of duty for a role. However after seeing the trailer last night and watching her performing with a banana in hot lingerie, I think she's starting to put in the effort for once which makes me a happy customer (her body is bangin'!). As a special treat for all you out there looking for some hot HD caps from the trailer, I've gone ahead and uploaded them below. Enjoy!

Click on each photo to enlarge!

Extra Tidbit: It appears that both Aniston and Cameron Diaz are bouncing back as offensive hotties this summer. Time will tell if it was worth the effort.


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