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Jennifer Lawrence is sexy in seedy apartments for Vogue

Dec. 14, 2012by: Droz

Jennifer Lawrence is pretty leggy in these images from Vogue Italy's latest issue. I wonder if there's anything interesting to read in all that text. I wouldn't know. I love Italian food, but the language is mostly gibberish to me and my provincial, American ways. Maybe you guys who read Italian can fill the rest of us uncultured folks what the article has to say. Or I can try to interpret it from the pictures. Lets see - okay, I got it. Jennifer is mad because the cable is out and the guy is taking forever to come fix it. She's been standing by the window for an hour waiting, but it's getting tedious. So she decides to write in her diary which is not very interesting either. So she goes to the bedroom and puts on some make up. The boredom continues. Not even Karaoke can solve it. Finally, she decides to go for a swim. About that time the cable guy shows up but she was busy working on her backstroke. So she missed him. Thus the reason she's so pissed in that last pic. That's got to be it. Well done, Italian Vogue. That was a great story.

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Source: Vogue

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3:35PM on 12/15/2012
This is great
This is great
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