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Jennifer Lawrence looks sexy in Vogue, even hotter casually on London's streets

Aug. 13, 2012by: Cherry Liquor
I understand that Jennifer Lawrence, who I think we should all just start referring to as JLaw from here on out since the other Jennifers get cool abbreviations to their names and also, heck... it should be a law that all girls strive to be more like Jen and less like... take your pick of sleazy young tarts on the Hollywood market right now. What was I saying? Oh, yeah... it's come to my attention that Jennifer is very happily in a relationship with her X-MEN: FIRST CLASS co-star, Nicholas Hoult, and that she's been spending a lot of time in London because that's where he's located. Granted, she's also getting ready to start filming CATCHING FIRE and then follow that up with some more Mystique action in the next X-MEN flick, but still. In this day and age of famous hookups, it seems as if these two are fairly seriously. And even though Jen looks seriously stunning in the spread in Vogue, something about her simple dress and lovely lady humps jutting out makes me even happier.

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4:42AM on 08/13/2012
She's got a booty, too? Damn.
She's got a booty, too? Damn.
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