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Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are getting divorced

Jul. 18, 2011by: Cherry Liquor


I guess the third time wasn't the charm for Jennifer Lopez. She and current husband Marc Anthony are calling it quits after 7 years of marriage. The couple have two children, twins Max and Emme.

The couple announced the split over the weekend with the following statement: "We have decided to end our marriage. This was a very difficult decision. We have come to an amicable conclusion on all matters. It is a painful time for all involved and we appreciate the respect of our privacy at this time."

Lopez had been married twice before, for 11 months back in 1997 & 98 to Ojani Noa (the dude who has been trying to sell his account of the couple's sex life even though he signed a non-disclosure agreement when they divorced) and dancer Chris Judd for 15 months between 2001-2003, during which time she famously took up with actor Ben Affleck for a spell.

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Source: People


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1:28PM on 07/18/2011

Diva routine.

Quel surprise.
Quel surprise.
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10:29AM on 07/19/2011

Who cares

really. Neeeeeeeext!
really. Neeeeeeeext!
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