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Jennifer Lopez gets pouty with her twins (and not the ones you expect)

Oct. 21, 2010by: Lester Diamond
Jennifer Lopez is representing Gucci in a new campaing and she's decided to bring her children along for the ride. What I find funny about the photos is that Jlo appears to be starring in a more traditional serious fashion ad (because when it comes to overpriced clothing, their is never anything funny), while her kids look generally happy (like a GAP ad). The two styles just don't seem to match up, but hey, kudos to Jlo for making it a family affair. Her acting and singing career have recently taken a backseat to her new job as a judge on AMERICAN IDOL, so maybe she is trying to hedge her bets by having her kids start-up their own modeling careers? Regardless, it's nice to see the old Jlo re-emerge from time to time. Their was a time she could do no wrong in my book, so it's nice to get glimpses of her old glamorous self in ads for clothing I couldn't afford even after redeeming a winning scratcher. It just adds to the fantasy!

Click on each photo to enlarge!

Extra Tidbit: Does anyone find it ironic that Jennifer's trait she was most famous for will now be hidden and seated at all times during AMERICAN IDOL?
Source: People


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