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Jennifer Lopez reduces her fame down to its purest essence

10 months agoby: Droz

Jennifer Lopez has apparently decided to forgo all the pretense with her newest release and brought the elephant in the room front and center in the conversation. Thus the title for this new single she's put out. Impressive how nicely she's gotten that booty back into shape recently. Even more impressive is that she can do so at the ripe old age of 45. She looked like she was on her way out in such a capacity just a couple years ago, so kudos to her. I don't think it's Photoshop bullshit either. At least, not entirely. The candids below would seem to indicate that she's literally kicking herself in the ass to get back into shape. That's great, however the clock is kinda ticking for her on that sort of thing. There is a point when such fannies can no longer be maintained. Eventually the skin starts to lose elasticity and gravity takes over. Either that or butt fat accumulation just goes insane. It's a sad thing when nice asses go bad. Good to see that J-Lo isn't there yet.

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Drool Back
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8:33PM on 08/13/2014
She's not in my top 10 favourite hotties or anything, but she's certainly still got it.
She's not in my top 10 favourite hotties or anything, but she's certainly still got it.
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11:19PM on 08/13/2014
I agree.
I agree.
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