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Jennifer Lopez seems to have forgotten to zip up

3 years agoby: Droz

Or else this dress Jennifer Lopez was wearing to wherever is meant to be unzipped down to her ass, which I have no problem with. Jen's got something a little more manageable in the ass area. Not as extreme as a Kardashian, but no where near your deflated white girl ass. Just a nice, round, fleshy helping of booty. Can't go wrong there. Unfortunately, dat ass is connected to the rest of Jennifer who, unlike her ass, has gone wrong. I recently caught that move MONEY TRAIN on cable the other night, starring a very young Jennifer in one of her first starring roles. Fairly crappy movie, but damn did she look good in that. She was pretty cool in that movie too - all sassy with her Puerto Rican sauciness, yet still relatively down-to-earth. She still looks good, but all the drama and diva bullshit she slings around now just gets on my nerves. How can they not recognize how ridiculous they come off when they're putting that snobbish, entitled nonsense out there? Are they so self-consumed that they literally cannot see how horrible they come across when they do that shit? Or is it just a desperate attempt to cover for their crippling lack of self-esteem? Whatever it is, I wish she and those like her would get over themselves already. She's still too hot to be so unlikable.

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