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Jennifer Love Hewitt is a sexy little lumberjack

Feb. 1, 2013by: Droz

More candids from the set of The Client List where Jennifer Love Hewitt is currently filming episodes, apparently as a masseuse to either a lumberjack crew or a Seattle grunge band. Did you hear the news that Jen is going to do a nude scene for her show? What a stupid idea. Not because Jen is getting nude. That's awesome. It's stupid because they're going to blur it out. What? Lifetime manages to get one of the most frustratingly-persistent anti-nudity actresses out there to finally let go of her clothing and let those lovely titties come into the light, and they're going to blur it out? You can't deny the world that glory, Lifetime. JLH titties are coming out, for god's sake! Pay the stupid FCC fine, whatever you have to do - just show us those tits. We've waited too damn long for this to be stopped now by pointless modesty. Unless you want a bunch of angry men brandishing torches and pitchforks outside the offices of Lifetime, you better make with the bewbage people.

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Drool Back
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9:01PM on 02/01/2013
I can't stand that hair color on her.
I can't stand that hair color on her.
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