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Jennifer Love Hewitt gives us x-ray vision

11.12.2012by: Salacious Crumb

As someone who has admired Jennifer Love Hewitt and her charms for well over a decade, should I be disappointed in myself for only having seen one episode of "The Client List"? I used to think my habit of having "Ghost Whisperer" on in the background was a psychological reaction to Jennifer's cleavy dresses and frequent changes of clothes. Yet, she does all that and then some on "Client List", and I'd still rather watch re-runs of "Curb Your Enthusiasm". Don't get me wrong, Larry David has a sweet rack, but I guess I didn't realize how interesting (to say the least) "Ghost Whisperer" was in terms of story, and also how well Jennifer fit the part. I'm not a big fan of the Southern accent in "Client List", not because she can't pull it off, but it just feels awkward. Anyway, regardless of everything I just said, I may have to start tuning in if the wardrobe department continues to supply Jennifer with get-ups like THIS. I bet you were hoping these were candid pics of Jennifer out and about, on her way to the dentist or something. Sorry, these images of Jenny in a transparent top and hot pink brassiere are from the set of "The Client List". This moment would be a thousand times better if the bra was absent, but it's enough to make me second guess my disinterest in the program for now. How about you?

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10:55PM on 11/12/2012
Jennifer Love Hewitt is one of the few hotties who can make see-through lace look cute and not slutty.
Jennifer Love Hewitt is one of the few hotties who can make see-through lace look cute and not slutty.
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