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Jennifer Love Hewitt takes them out for take out

Nov. 19, 2012by: Droz

All the many appearances and public events that Jennifer Love Hewitt was getting up to earlier this year have dwindled as of late, leaving us blurry set photos like these of Jennifer getting lunch. I guess all the promo stuff and appearances she did for her show The Client List are no longer necessary now that the show seems to have found its legs. Or maybe it hasn't, I couldn't say, I don't watch it. The entire idea of a show about a masseuse/prostitute who never gets naked on camera is just too ridiculous. A show like that needs nudity or it just loses all authenticity. Plus it's on Lifetime, so it's clearly not speaking to my demographic. Jen might not be willing to take it all off, but she'll go 50% of the way any day of the week. Even getting lunch is sufficient reason to wear the low cut dress. Only those fortunate/unfortunate guys she chews up and spits out like bad meatloaf get the full reveal. I'll bet it's worth it though.

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Drool Back
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6:41PM on 11/19/2012
She ages fine.
She ages fine.
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