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Jennifer Love Hewitt's All-American ass withdraws money to buy more bandage dresses

Jul. 4, 2012by: Cherry Liquor
Living in Southern California can have its perks. It's not uncommon that you go to a shopping locale and spot a famous person. In fact, you can spot them doing all sorts of things; Buying groceries, walking down the street, frolicking on the beach, eating lunch and dinner, getting money from the ATM. I don't blame Jennifer Love Hewitt for looking irritated as she turns her tush to the paps and gets money out of a cash machine. While those in the rest of the country travel by spending $4 on a magazine full of these sorts of images to see stars, all it takes for those of us in this state to witness the same thing is to walk out the front door. Capitalizing on that convenience seems rude. Especially when I was unaware that J-Love's mom died less than a month ago. I usually stay on top of these things, but dude... that's sad. Patricia Hewitt was only 67 when she died from complications from cancer just last month. She raised an actress and a doctor. One has a great ass and the other can save your ass. Hope the family can have a decent holiday.

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5:22AM on 07/05/2012
Nice rear.
Nice rear.
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