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Jennifer Morrison is a code red hottie at the Creative Arts Emmys

Sep. 17, 2012by: Cherry Liquor
Honestly, the main reason why I was so taken with the show "House," isn't because it was fun to watch Hugh Laurie hobble around using a fake American accent to berate all of the people around him and help to develop one of the most fictitious medical shows in history, it was the quite determination and bubbling undercurrent of sexuality that Jennifer Morrison brought to her character as Dr. Cameron. Sure, you ended up with chances to hate her later on when you found out the other version of her was a cause-addicted trophy wife character on "How I Met Your Mother," and as far as "Once Upon a Time," goes, I'm not certain if she's a good witch... or a bad witch. Just because I haven't watched the show. But seeing her in this wonderful red dress at the Creative Arts Emmys (and while I might not know fashion all that well, I can tell when a dress fits a woman with a great figure like Jennifer's just right) makes me smile. There are so many actors and actresses in this world who constantly work but most people would pass right by on the street without recognizing, even if they were award winners. This might sound like a bad thing, but when you really put pieces together, it means that these actors are doing their jobs so well, so consistently, that people buy the character, the work, the whole purpose of the profession. They're not glamorized human Barbie dolls. They're hard working people in a special profession.

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Extra Tidbit: For the record, because I am that obsessed more with the character actors and the thespians who love the art more than the paycheck, I WOULD recognize Ms. Morrison on the street.
Source: Just Jared

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6:41PM on 09/17/2012
Cute blonde.
Cute blonde.
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