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Jennifer Nicole Lee is just a regular, everyday person like you and oh my god

2 years agoby: Salacious Crumb

Once in a while, I come by some gratuitous images of Jennifer Nicole Lee out and about, "minding her own business" and making all sorts of suggestive poses at the camera, and I don't mind it. In other instances, it just seems silly and fatigued. I don't even know what to say here, to be honest. She appears to have an entire jewelry kiosk attached to her head, but of course, you'd have to look away from her treasure chest to know it. How does one possibly go about making eye-contact with this woman (especially with those giant shades over her face)? Why does she insist on making these photoshoots look like happy accidents? No one knows. It's one of those conspiracies, like "where was the gravy on Thanksgiving?". Seriously, have you ever had Thanksgiving without gravy? It's a nightmare. It's like Halloween without candy, or St. Patty's Day without booze. Total. F*ckin'. Nightmare. Smashed potatoes were great, though (even without delicious gravy). And now, staring contest: you versus Jennifer Nicole Lee. Go!

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4:19PM on 11/26/2012
She is so unattractive.
She is so unattractive.
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